Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Junior Officers Take on the Establishment

Last Thursday, I had the chance, along with three other of my fellow military junior officers, to take part in a panel sponsored by the US Naval Institute and AFCEA.  It was in conjunction with the annual WEST 2012 Conference held at the San Diego Convention Center.

All of the members of the panel, including the moderator, Mr. Dan Moore, are members of Disruptive Thinkers.  Yes, it's not just a blog.  Disruptive Thinkers is a think tank we've started to bring military officers together with successful entrepreneurs in the hope that we can bring the best practices from each into our respective worlds.  Things like this panel are what our group is endeavoring to accomplish: Firm guidance from the innovation generation towards established interests that don't always know how (or want) to move forward.

The video is a bit long (1 hour, 7 minutes), but should give you an idea of the things on the minds of those fighting our nation's wars from the front lines.  The main themes? Place more trust in capable subordinate officers, and allow for a culture of innovation.  The last post on this site showed how the SEALs have done so very well.  We need every branch to emulate it. 

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